Hello friends!

To catch you up, I've been doing some different things lately. Like singing in the middle of public parks in the city as part of the "Do What You Really Love" project, making videos outside of my comfort zone, and going around to the most random of open mics (and other establishments that have pianos and will let me sit down and wail behind it) kind of different. 

Now, I'm working on an EP, which basically means a short album. Thanks to all your help, we've raised funds and shown interest for the project, and as a result I've had conversations with cool studios and producers! (BECAUSE YOU'RE THE BEST, DUH.)

I've been going in and out of studios, doing writing sessions, and just personally working on my skills and sound this year, working towards the right team and tracks to give you guys the album you deserve. Until all of that is done, I have a few fun things in store for you in between, so keep an eye out, especially on Facebook because that's where I post most everything now. 

And if you want to help keep the support going for the EP, you can pre-order it OR buy one of the holiday or live albums here!

As always, thank you for the good vibes and support--let's make something positive together!

xx Lee Anna

what is happening?

New original music, that's what's happening