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LEEANNA, a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, courageously lays her truth bare. With an entrancing, soulful voice and calm vulnerability, LEEANNA invites her listeners to share, love, heal, and empathize with one another. 


Lee Anna Woodcock was born in McComb, Mississippi, a small southern town known for its musical exports and influenced by its proximity to New Orleans. From a young age, LEEANNA was immersed in the live music industry, watching and later helping her father produce concerts in New Orleans and Mississippi arenas for acts such as DC Talk, Amy Grant, and Switchfoot. She began studying under Bob Westbrook, a globally acclaimed vocal coach, at the age of 11 and competing on stages across the country as well as performing with gospel and show choirs in the area which heavily influenced her style.


After high school, LEEANNA accepted a full-ride Political Science scholarship at the University of Southern Mississippi, but when her best friend passed away her junior year, she felt herself pulled back to entertainment. One week after accepting an internship at MTV Networks, LEEANNA left Mississippi for New York City.


She remained in New York for six years, working her way up to becoming the social media manager at Simon & Schuster and later starting her own multimedia consulting firm, writing and playing music in her spare time. With the intention of pursuing interest in a docu-series adaptation of an acoustic concert series she was producing, Hometown Sessions, and after encouragement from a fellow musician, LEEANNA moved to LA in 2018 to chase her musical dreams. She found that the city was rich with music, collaboration, and acceptance as she quickly jumped into developing her own sound, voice, and identity. Freshly embraced by LA’s creative environment, she has since spent her time writing music for her own project, tv, film, and other up-and-coming artists, all while performing at venues such as The Mint, the Peppermint Club, Tenants of the Trees, The Sayers Club, and Madame Siam. 


LEEANNA’s music is currently exploring themes of gender, femininity, social injustice, and inequality. As an intersex woman who doesn’t fit neatly into the biological definition of female, LEEANNA has searched deeply to find her own identify outside of societal expectations. She made her debut release, the Live Session single “Gentle Now,” in May of 2020 and her radio debut of “Not Your Baby” as KIIS FM’s Opening Act for the 2020 iHeart Radio Music Festival in September. LEEANNA will be releasing music that shows the beauty on the surface, the mess in the details, and the power in the vulnerability throughout 2020 and beyond.


©2020 leeanna music  |  photography by Fay Money Studios